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The Tool Box

When I was growing up, it was necessary to my dad for me to know how to take care of myself. He was a mechanic, and he needed to know that I knew how to take care of my car so that it would be in good condition and I would not be stranded somewhere helpless. Long before I was old enough to drive a car, my dad taught me how to check and change the oil, change spark plugs, check the coolant, change the windshield wipers, check the power steering fluid, check and change the tires, use jumper cables and so much more.

When I was old enough to drive and go with my friends, my dad gave me a toolbox. He filled the box with tools that I would need If I found myself having car trouble. He made me take it everywhere I went and made sure I had a dime to call home with ( I guess I just aged myself, it was long before the days of cell phones). My dad took the time to make sure that I understood the importance of taking care of my car so that when I was ready to go somewhere, my car would be reliable, and I would be able to depend on it.

Like my dad was preparing me to recognize the importance of taking care of my transportation, we should realize the importance of telling others about a relationship with Jesus. Long before others even realize that they need the Savior, we should be teaching them about Jesus and how to depend on Him. We can do this by living in a way that others will see Christ is alive in our lives and how we turn to Him for our every need. When we depend on Christ, we know that He will never let us down or that we will never be alone. Jesus will not leave us stranded. Just like He did not leave us with our sins to deal with on our own. When we asked, Jesus came to our rescue and took our sins on Himself, forgave us, and made a way for us to gain access to heaven.

The most important gift we can give others is to prepare them to understand the Love of Christ. To tell them how He loves them and wants a relationship with them. So, when Jesus starts working in them, they will recognize that they can depend on Him to love them and take away their sins if they will just ask.

Nothing seems better than knowing that you are obedient to God and telling others about His Son Jesus. However, getting to witness people put their trust in Christ as their Savior is also amazing!