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Women Warriors is a Christian, faith-based book that helps women discover how they can have victory over everyday struggles. They will learn how to put on their battle shoes and claim victory over the battles in their lives. This book is 167 pages and makes a great gift. It would be nice to pair it along with the Women Warriors Journal.


This journal has 64 pages. It is a blank journal to go along with the Women Warriors "What Do Your Battle Shoes Look Like? book. You can use this journal to write down your notes, prayers, and thoughts. It is a great addition to the Women Warriors book.


This Journey journal is a guide to help you get the most out of studying your bible. It has a place for the date, topic and passage.  As you are reading along you will be encouraged to write down a life application from the lesson that you are studying. The journal also has a place to write your prayers so that you can reflect on what God has done and is doing in your life. There is a location on each page that is for “Taking Action” this is where you will write how you are going to apply what you are leaning to your everyday life. There is a "Taking Action" section on each page where you can write.

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