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New Year New Memories to Make

I am hearing a lot of negativity about the year 2020 being such a bad year. It was different from anything I have ever experienced. I do not have to tell you all the negative vibes from this past year because you were there. Yet, I can not help but think of all the positive and good that came from 2020.

As I reflect on the past, my mind keeps coming back to all the beautiful babies born and the amazing smiles on their parents' and grandparents' faces. Birthday celebrations were so wonderful as people used their imagination to celebrate the ones they love. I was blessed with the announcement of new life coming in 2021, engagements, wedding celebrations and even those cured of a disease. Even when the world said there is no hope, God gave hope.

I witnessed so many people come together to help each other when I was beginning to think that everyone was only thinking of themselves. People were helping people in ways that were so thoughtful and kind. I have seen them go over and beyond the usual kind gestures and truly come together to make a difference in someone's life. I have been fortunate to witness children have their best Christmas ever because total strangers wanted to help a struggling family.

I loved seeing pictures of all the fantastic adventures that people were taking. My newsfeed was filled with the great outdoors as friends were capturing sunrises, sunsets, birds, deers, trees, and so many other marvelous creations God created for us to enjoy. As families were encouraged to stay close to home, I heard countless stories from children, teens, and adults about spending more time than usual together. Parents and children learned to lean on each other and share their lives, not just their home. They shared memories that will no doubt become stories their families will pass down from generation to generation. Like the one, I have heard over and over about walking to school uphill barefooted in the snow, and they still ended it with those were the good ole days.