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The Wind and the Gospel

Today was a beautiful day in North Alabama. My husband got the day off work for the first time in a while. He asked me on an outing to the river. He loaded the boat and I loaded the snack bag. I also made sure that I had a camera handy because I love to take pictures of God's handy work.

We started out fishing, I am not too good at catching fish but I am great at catching trees, sticks and garbage. My husband on the other had seems to know just where the fish are and what they want to eat.

Today was very windy on the water so my husband took us down the creek and not out into the channel. It did not take me long to get tired of catching sticks. So, I took out my camera and started admiring God's beauty.

As I watched the trees along the muddy banks, I could hear the wind, then feel the breeze as it passed by me and danced through the thick line of trees. It was amazing as it floated from one tree to the next. Then in a bit it would stop. Out of no where it seemed to start again whispering from tree to tree.

It dawned on me that this is how the gospel works. It's like the trees were sharing the wind. However, when one of the trees refused to bend by the wind, the wind would just stop. The wind could not go any further. Then somewhere off in the distance it would start again trying to reach each tree.

John3:8 "The wind blows wherever it pleases. You hear it's sound but you cannot tell where It is going. So it is with everyone born of the Spirit."

As Christians that is what we are supposed to do, be like the wind going from person to person sharing the gospel and as each person we touch accepts it they share it. Then the gospel will just keep going until someone decides that they will not put their trust in Christ. The sharing stops there. However, just like the wind, that will not be the end of the gospel being shared because someone else will come and share. You never know who or how God is going to use someone to get His message through.

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