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Does your hair color resemble your relationship with Christ?

As I rinsed my hair I could see the purple water going down the drain. I almost could not believe it. I picked number “41. " It was suppose to be the right color, medium brown without much red. Would I ever learn to quit trying to use a new color, I should just stick to number “51” it has served me well.

As I stood there blow drying my, unwanted black hair, I thought there has got to be a lesson in this! Then I heard it, a whisper if you will, saying your hair color sometimes resembles your relationship with me. What? Did I hear that right? Yes, I did! Thank you Lord for not letting my mistake be wasted. I could not wait to hear how he was going to turn this into a lesson.

As I was thinking over what lesson I could possibly learn from my new black hair, I started asking myself why do I color my hair? The conclusion I came to is that I don't like long gray hair on myself. You see my natural color is kind of a honey brown. That sounds better than mousy brown, as my dad used to say. I really am not thrilled over the red in my hair, I always want to have hair like my mom. However, when I try to go to a different color I am just not pleased. The color God originally gave me seems to make me happiest and gives me more confidence. Yet, I notice that when I am not being diligent about getting it colored on time it starts to fade, looses it shine, doesn’t feel healthy and is flat. As my hair looses it's shine, I find that I loose a little self confidence. I know this could be vanity on my part, but what girl d