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Does your hair color resemble your relationship with Christ?

As I rinsed my hair I could see the purple water going down the drain. I almost could not believe it. I picked number “41. " It was suppose to be the right color, medium brown without much red. Would I ever learn to quit trying to use a new color, I should just stick to number “51” it has served me well.

As I stood there blow drying my, unwanted black hair, I thought there has got to be a lesson in this! Then I heard it, a whisper if you will, saying your hair color sometimes resembles your relationship with me. What? Did I hear that right? Yes, I did! Thank you Lord for not letting my mistake be wasted. I could not wait to hear how he was going to turn this into a lesson.

As I was thinking over what lesson I could possibly learn from my new black hair, I started asking myself why do I color my hair? The conclusion I came to is that I don't like long gray hair on myself. You see my natural color is kind of a honey brown. That sounds better than mousy brown, as my dad used to say. I really am not thrilled over the red in my hair, I always want to have hair like my mom. However, when I try to go to a different color I am just not pleased. The color God originally gave me seems to make me happiest and gives me more confidence. Yet, I notice that when I am not being diligent about getting it colored on time it starts to fade, looses it shine, doesn’t feel healthy and is flat. As my hair looses it's shine, I find that I loose a little self confidence. I know this could be vanity on my part, but what girl doesn’t like to look her best?

Our relationship with God can be the same way. We must be diligent in our bible reading and prayer time. It should be something we desire to do because it connects us to God and that makes us a better version of our self. The longer we are spending time with him the more we look like Him. It is gonna take effort on our part to get into the word and spend some quantity time with God. I don't mean just rushing though it so that we can feel good about what we read. We need to slow down and ponder on all the wonderful promises God has given us. When we let life get in the way and we don't take time to talk with God then we can start to loose our shine. Our smile is not as bright because everything around us has dulled it. We seem flat and lifeless because the pressures of the world can be weighing us down. We lack the confidence and drive to share Jesus with others.

Are you feeling like you have lost your luster that can only come from your relationship with God? Are you loosing that glow that you can only get from being close to God?

I love reading the bible, so I really can't explain why I sometimes let life get in the way of me taking the time to enjoy being in Gods word. Just like everyone else I need to do better. The the back of the hair color box says " apply and wait" When I spend time with God I always feel refreshed, full of life, vibrant and confident.

We need to saturate ourselves in His word, apply it to our lives and wait for Him to change us to look more like Him. If we do this it won't be long before we not only feel the change in our lives but see it as well because the Lord does his work on us from the inside out.

I am so thankful for my Savior Jesus Christ taking my sins to the cross. Just like that dull hair color I can change. I have the choice to be full of life, vibrant, shining and with confidence, because of my acceptance of the work Jesus did on the cross. When God changes us it is permanent! Thank God my hair color isn't!

Isaiah 1:18 (NIV)“Come now, let us settle the matter,”says the Lord.“Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they are red as crimson, they shall be like wool.


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