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Study a Book of the Bible

Select a book of the Bible to read through. Each day read through a passage or entire chapter. Then read through a second time and underline keywords and phrases. 

  1. Write down what God is saying in this chapter and identify a theme.

  2. Take a few minutes to identify the spiritual truth or principles in this chapter that are applicable to your life.

  3. Finally, write down how you will act on the lessons learned in this passage. 

  4. As you work through the book of the Bible, create an outline. 

After reading a passage, ask your self some questions.

  • Who is this text taking about?

  •  What is it taking about?

  • Who is this text taking to?

  • What did I learn about God?

  • How does it apply to me today?

  • What is my response?

It is exciting to read the Bible and learn more about God and who He is. The Bible is the living word and it never goes out of date. It never changes yet it will give us all we need to know how to live our life for Christ. As we grow in our walk with the Lord and the Bible continues to give us deeper understanding.

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