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 It all Starts

with a Smile


This picture was taken in the Dominican Republic. I can not speak Spanish and they could not speak English. Praise God, a smile, and a hug are the same in every language.

Smiles are a way to be inviting and let someone know you are approachable

Make sharing the gospel fun. A smile is an engaging thing. Most of the time, if you smile at a stranger, they will smile back. The first step is to share a conversation, and once you do that, you just work Jesus into it. Even with having a mask on people can see the smile in your eyes.

 Here is an example that I have used many times: it would go something like this. Hi, how are you doing? Oh, I am good, thank you. I just finished listening to my favorite gospel song, Amazing Grace, and I am so thankful for God's Grace, aren't you? I go to Westmeade Baptist Church. Where do you go? If they say a church, you could say something like that is great! I trusted Christ as my savior when I was seven. When did you trust Him?

If they say no, they don't attend where then invite them to come with you. 

I also make a point to try and help someone if I see them having a hard time or maybe someone elderly trying to load their purchases. Then I work Jesus into the conversation. Like saying, "Can I take that buggy back for you? " ,,, You're welcome; Jesus has blessed me, so I should bless others, don't you think?

You see, it is just conversation, working Jesus Into it.  Don't be afraid of rejection. Just be Bold, Kind, and Show the love of Jesus!  You don't have to be a speaker/ writer or a preacher to share the Gospel; you have to have Jesus and want to share it with others.

Now Go and Share the Gospel

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