Trust Christ and Enjoy the Ride

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I have been married to my wonderful husband for thirty-three years. We have two sons one sweet daughter in love, a grandbaby on the way, a daughter-in-law to be, and a grand-dog.  We have attended the same church for over twenty years. I received freedom, in Christ when I was seven years old. I did this by accepting Jesus as my Lord and Savior. What an amazing journey it has been. 


To those who might think being a Christian is a little boring, I am here to tell you that it is like the wildest roller coaster ride I have ever been on. With Christ, you know you are safely tucked in his arms and He has got you no matter what.  However, you never know what to expect. There are uphills, downhills, twists, turns, and thrills. Yet, when my ride comes to an end I know He will take me safely home!

I have seen God do amazing things, one of those was healing me. I got sick and went to the doctor they told me that I had colon cancer. When they went in to do a colonoscopy they said that I would come out with a colonoscopy bag. They were surprised to find that it was gone! My God healed me. God is still in the healing business. Praise the Lord!

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