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Welcome friend to my corner of the world. Pull up a seat and let's get to know each other. My name is Veronna, I am passionate about sharing Jesus with other women and talking about life situations. In my corner of the world, you will find encouragement and resources on how to live life daily as we dig deeper into God's word and learn how to relate that to all areas of our lives. As we grow together we can feel more at ease with sharing our faith with others.
So take a deep breath and relax as we soak up the word of God. Take rest in knowing God loves us and wants to join us in our daily adventures.

Veronna Speaker
Veronna Speaker

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Isaiah 6:8

Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, "Whom shall I send?

And who will go for us?" And I said, "Here am I. Send me!"

I think that as Christian, we should be looking for ways to share the Gospel everywhere, every day. We can do this by reading the Bible, praying, and being open to where God leads us as we live out our faith daily.


Where do I start reading in my Bible? That is a great question
the answer depends on what you are wanting to know.

If you want to know more about Jesus and His life, start in the New Testament. Look to the Gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. They tell of all kinds of accounts of Jesus as he sealed with everyday life here on earth.

If you are wanting to know how everything came about and more about God, start in the first book of the Bible. Genesis, Is a beautiful picture of God's love and care for us.  How He created everything, including mankind. How He gave us the hours for each day and so on.

You can't go wrong starting anywhere in the Bible. However, I have found that if I am interested in something, it is easier to read about it. The entire Bible is for us to know God better and know how to live in a way that is honoring Him. What a wonderful God we have that left us a love letter to gently guide us into an everlasting relationship with Him. 

Here is a little about me and my life,  I am a wife, mother, mother-in-law, and grandmother. I am the Executive Director of a Crisis Pregnancy Resource Center in my hometown. My passion is to share the gospel with everyone I meet. I  love life and love finding adventures in Christ. I know that you never know where life will take you when you put your trust in Christ.

I have organized and led many mission endeavors including working with the homeless, street evangelism, Discipleship Now, Mission trips, and various other projects. I have the privilege to lead Bible studies and I am a ministry leader in her community and my home church. I have published a book called WOMEN WARRIORS " What Do Your Battle Shoes Look Like" where I try to help women have the confidence to step into their shoes every day ready to go to battle against the evil one. I have also published a couple of journals and have also been published in Connecting Ministries Hope Conference Devotional, Survivor Chicks " Fight Back with Faith, Hope, and Love. and many other articles.


I love speaking on the importance of salvation and biblical applications for life. Through my blog and vlog, I encourage women to live out their faith in every area of their lives knowing that the power of the Holy Spirit is available for guidance, comfort, and protection for those who have claimed their free gift of salvation.

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The  Lord is calling each of us to make a difference  in this world for His Kingdom. We can do this by telling others about  Jesus. Who will you tell today?

Step out in faith and find adventure in Christ